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Words of Gratitude

I will never forget the first time he went back to the therapy room. He had never been away from me like that and we were both scared. Loretta made him feel comfortable and confident. She developed a bond with him at that first visit aided in his therapy over the months she worked with him. Loretta was patient and persistent. She taught him how to blow bubbles. I will never forget the victory in that for him. It’s tough to be a kid that can’t do the normal things. He was so proud.

Ambassador Choice Awards

Thanks so much to all our honorees and to everyone who attended the 2013 Ambassador Choice Awards. Stay-tuned for information regarding the 2014 Ambassador Choice Awards!

2013 Ambassador Choice Awards Photo Gallery


Michael Bunis, MD

Dary Costa, MD

Robert Fleming, MD



Debbie Bentley, RN, BSN

Barb Kountzman, RN

Bobby Parker, RN, BSN

Dawn Sleeper, RN



Carolyn, Guidry, MA, CCLS

Lisa Lubsch, Pharm.D, AE-C



Adolescent Medicine



Saadeh Al-Jureidini, MD


The Ambassador Choice Awards give priority to one of our initiatives; recognizing and celebrating the work that is performed at our world-class pediatric medical center.

The Ambassador Choice Awards is an annual event that honors caregivers who profoundly impact the lives of children and families. Past and present families have nominated caregivers who profoundly impacted their experience. From the stories submitted, Glennon Ambassadors selected “Ambassador Choice” honorees, who represent what they believe exceptional care “looks like” to families.


 View all 2012 award recipients in the areas of exceptional service, nursing and medical care.