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Gracie West Family

Proud Family Sponsor

We are the proud parents of Amazing Gracie Lynn West, an incredible little warrior that is defying the odds. When we were at six months in our pregnancy, Gracie was diagnosed with a genetic disease called trisomy 18, and we were told we would never meet her.

Gracie was born on December 5, 2014, with a host of challenges from day one, but has defied the odds, inspiring others across the world through our Facebook postings. In return, their comments inspire us and give us fuel for our journey.

Gracie was born with esophageal atresia, two holes in her heart and many complications with her abdominal area. It was her cardiothoracic needs that led us to the exceptional teams at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. We spent the first 77 days of Gracie’s life in the hospital. The cardiothoracic team understood our fears, held our hands through the process and performed phenomenally to save her life. The Pediatric Surgical Team corrected a lot of issues within her abdominal area following her heart surgery, which enabled us to bring her home.

In the year we’ve been home, we’ve had obstacles that brought us back to Cardinal Glennon several times. Each time, we have been greeted with love and kindness, as well as professionalism and the greatest of care. They have restored Gracie and saved her life on more than one occasion.

The partnership we have with the entire medical team is always fluid and transparent. We respect their expertise, and they respect that we are the constants in her care. Not once have they ever not taken our input into consideration in regard to deciding the best care for Gracie. Not once have they ever treated her as if she has a terminal illness. Other hospitals could have provided Gracie with clinical care, but our choice is to be at Cardinal Glennon. The love we have for this hospital goes far deeper and richer than just the blessing of having the best medical care available. The PEOPLE make the difference—from the cafeteria to the housecleaning, the medical staff (surgeons and support team), The Footprints team…all the way to the department heads—it takes a village. We are so blessed and thankful Cardinal Glennon is a huge part of ours!

Jody & Chris West

Please join us and #TeamGracie #GBR16 in raising funds to support Cardinal Glennon’s lifesaving work! So many children and families benefit from this amazing hospital and we are excited to help make it even better! Every penny raised will go to the hospital and directly affect the children.