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Welcome to our 13th year of Homers for Health! As we all know, the past couple of years have been like nothing we’ve ever experienced before and while so much has changed in our world, one thing that hasn’t changed is our patients and families at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital still need us.

With many of our families still experiencing new hardships, we are continuing to see more families who are unable to pay for care. Through it all, we will stay true to our promise that no family will ever be turned away due to their inability to pay.

As you know, we chose the special number of 195 to base our pledges on for the past few years. Why 195? Because that is the number of beds in our hospital and makes your pledge mean so much more to our patients. With the overwhelming support for our chosen number of 195 since the year 2020, we will again use this number to base your pledge off of!

Impact of Your Support



Meet Libby!

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Cardinal Glennon kid, Libby holding a paint brush wearing a "Pledge for Patients" t-shirt

At age 11, Libby’s life was vibrant. She had good grades and played soccer competitively. Then her mom, Michelle, a nurse at Cardinal Glennon, received a call that changed their lives. An MRI done because of her slow growth revealed that Libby had a benign tumor at the base of her pituitary gland, which helps to regulate the body’s growth hormones, stress response and other important processes. “I didn’t even know what a tumor was,” Libby admits. “Seeing my mom cry, I was scared, and knew it was bad news – but since she worked at the hospital, I felt like I would be safe and that things were going to be okay.” Surgeons at Cardinal Glennon successfully removed the tumor. Because of the tumor’s location, however, Libby’s pituitary gland no longer functions and will need to be regulated with medication for the rest of her life. After months of careful monitoring and evaluation, Libby is learning to manage her body’s reactions to stress. She regularly visits her Cardinal Glennon care team as she navigates her new normal without her beloved soccer.

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Why Donate to Homers for Health?


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Become a 2024 Holliday's Hero

Holliday's Heroes are among our highest level of donors to Homers for Health. Every pledge of $7 (or more) per hospital bed signifies the honor of being a part of Holliday's Heroes. You can also make a one-time gift of $1,365 to join this exclusive group and make a significant impact for Cardinal Glennon kids. Matt and Leslee extend their deepest gratitude for your support. To learn more about Holliday's Heroes, contact Hannah Hyde at

Thanks to Our Holliday's Heroes

With heartfelt gratitude for the generous donors who support Homers for Health as "Holliday's Heroes" with a pledge of $7 or more per home run and "Superheroes" with a gift of $13,650 or more. Thank you!

What is Homers for Health?

Now in its 13th year, Homers for Health has raised valuable support for the children served by SSM Health Cardinal Glennon. Thanks to the generosity of thousands of supporters from across the nation and around the world, this program has made significant contributions to our exceptional, state-of-the-art health care and the creation of child-friendly, family-centered environments within the hospital.

Founded by former Cardinal Matt Holliday and his wife Leslee in 2012, the program has helped create new child-friendly spaces including the Imaging Center, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the Inpatient and Outpatient Cancer Units, raising more than 9-million dollars. Click the images below to learn more about the impact of your support.

Your generous support of Homers for Health is making such a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. This is a very exciting time in health care, and we rely strongly on the support of our community, friends and sponsors to help us remain at the forefront of technology and innovation, top-tier clinical programs and vital supportive services supported by the Children’s Fund. Thanks to you, we can provide lifesaving care to all children in need, regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

Matt Holliday and Cardinal Glennon Patient
Matt Holliday with patient Maggie Bohannan the first year of Homers for Health
Matt and Leslee Holliday at Homers for Health
Matt and Leslee Holliday get emotional leaving St. Louis

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