Our Patients

Lavender Watson

Rose and Demetrius Watson of St. Louis, MO were given grim odds about the survival of their unborn baby, Lavender. However, this now sassy 5-year-old, known as “The Queen”, has been proving predictions wrong every step of the way. “Incompatible with life.” “Chromosomal abnormality”. “Might not survive long after birth”. These were words that Rose…

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Cardinal Glennon kid, Charlie in hospital bed with a toy

Charlie Erbland

In early 2016, Rachel and Steve of Arcadia Valley, MO were living a full and busy life. They owned and managed a farm, had two dogs, and were raising 5 children ranging in age from 3 to 16 years. Steve traveled often with his job. Rachel home-schooled their 5 children. Both maintained the farm and…

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Hailey, Glennon Kid

Hailey Baldasso

Jennifer Baldasso from St. Louis, MO had an unexpected gift for her 30th birthday in December 2020. She found out she was pregnant with Baby #2. Her first pregnancy 3 years prior was a complicated one. She delivered a 37-week miracle who was born not breathing due to complications with an infection. She spent 2.5…

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Margot and Caratacus Stearns

Erica Jolene Stearns was born with non-isolated esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistula. She was mute until the age of 3, g-tube dependent until the age of 5, and tracheostomy dependent until the age of 15. Throughout her childhood and early adulthood, she witnessed her parents face numerous challenges as they confronted many complex medical issues.…

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Colton Friese

On October 16, 2020, at approximately 4:30pm, 19 year-old Colton was on his way home from work driving his reliable Chevy Cobalt. He had proudly saved and bought himself a Dodge Charger in March 2020 before the pandemic started, but he liked saving his “pride and joy” for special occasions vs. day-to-day travel.  Colton was…

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Ryder Lee

Ryder became a patient at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon long before he was even born. The long-anticipated son and 4th child of parents Sarah and Nathan, Ryder has successfully won the hearts of his 3 older sisters and his second family here at the hospital. Sarah recalls the trip to her obstetrician for her 19…

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Cardinal Glennon kid Maverick

Maverick Beardslee

“When you find out you are pregnant, you expect to have a perfectly healthy pregnancy and at the end a perfectly healthy baby,“ states Paris, mother of (now) 17-month-old Maverick. “It took me a long time to come to terms with his diagnosis, but now I look back and realize how blessed we are to…

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Grant and Sebastian Moss

Grant and Sebastian are identical twin boys, who were born to new parents Amber and John on February 27, 2013. Amber had an uneventful pregnancy, and though the boys arrived early at 34 weeks, they came into the world seemingly healthy. After a couple routine days in the NICU stepdown unit of their local birthing…

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Sariah Gettys

On February 14, 2018, Sariah (a 4-year-old aspiring dancer and model) and her mother, Shamika, were involved in a devastating motor vehicle accident. Shamika sustained injuries to her right leg which required multiple surgeries in the months to follow. Sariah ’s injuries were much worse, and almost unfathomable.  She was in pulseless cardiac arrest at…

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Noah Townsend

Kristi and Eric Townsend from St. Peters, MO were married in 2018.  Having married later in life, they knew they wanted to start a family right away.  For nearly two years their attempts were unsuccessful, despite rounds of testing and infertility treatments. The couple had almost resolved themselves to believe they would never have children…

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