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Glennon Guild

The Glennon Guild is an organization of around 350 women committed to helping SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital through raising funds, volunteering in the hospital and advancing the welfare of the hospital and its patients. Since its founding in 1957, over 1000 Guild members have worked to raise money for important improvements, for example the remodeling of our inpatient cancer unit (4 North), the creation of the helicopter landing pad and the expansion of a “Healing Garden.”

Through the Guild’s fundraising efforts, the hospital has also purchased state of the art medical equipment, such as advanced endoscopes, telemedicine software, heart and lung monitoring devices and lifesaving ECMO machines.

Originally Guild members were mostly doctor’s wives but these days they welcome enthusiastic members of the community who share their mission in providing for the deserving patients and families of SSM Health Cardinal Glennon. The Guild's fundraising activities have included the Glennon Card, Hospital Book and Lobby Sales, the Fashion Show and various designer show houses.

Membership on the Guild Board is by invitation and includes payment of dues, attendance of Board meetings and participation in Guild activities. If you are interested in joining, please contact Julie Holland at

Brigette McMillin - Glennon Guild

Brigette McMillin

Julie Holland - Glennon Guild

Julie Holland

Vice President
Meg Terry - Glennon Guild

Meg Terry

2nd Vice President
Kelley Shapiro - Glennon Guild

Kelley Shapiro

Recording Secretary
Laura Baylis - Glennon Guild

Laura Baylis

Corresponding Secretary

Linda Tracy


Janice Denigan

Assistant Treasurer
Claudia McMillin - Glennon Guild

Claudia McMillin

Dues Treasurer
Joanne Noyes - Glennon Guild

Joanne Noyes

Past President
Ellen McCarthy - Glennon Guild

Ellen McCarthy

Susie Montebello - Glennon Guild

Susie Montebello


Kelly Bick

Ginny Hartman - Glennon Guild

Ginny Hartman


Constance Reis


Gretchen Schulte


Sue Soucy


Chairs of Standing Committees

Ways & Means - Brigette McMillin

Membership - Julie Holland

Nominating - Kelly Bick

Hospitality - Vicki Mower, Theresa Vella

Sweet Babies/GIFT Program - Cathy Wilmott

Event Chairs

Glennon Card - Tricia Davies, Brigette McMillin

Lobby Sale - Kathy Mollerus, Carla Onstott

Glennon Style - Judy Dude, Beth Schenk, Joan Walsh

Book Sale - Mary Scalzo