Glennon Sunday

Where Faith and Healing Unite

At SSM Health Cardinal Glennon, faith and healing go hand in hand. Since the hospital’s doors opened nearly 70 years ago, all children in need of care have been welcomed, regardless of their families’ ability to pay.

This Glennon Sunday, please make a special donation to support the children of Cardinal Glennon. Your generosity and commitment to the patients we serve makes a BIG impact.

Lavender was born with Trisomy 18, a condition that causes severe developmental delays and life-threatening medical challenges due to an extra chromosome 18. Children with this rare disorder typically are given a terminal diagnosis, and Lavender’s parents, Rose and Demetrius, were determined to give their beautiful baby girl the best life possible.

On her first birthday, a milestone Lavender and her family did not know if they would be able to celebrate, they were able to go home and truly start their life together. Today, Lavender is a happy 5 year old with a cheerful personality and heart-melting smile. Click here to read more about Lavender!