Glennon Ambassadors

We wouldn’t be the world-class institution we are without your support.

If you’ve ever thought about using your experience or gratitude to help future patients, parents and families, we’d love to connect with you!

There are so many different ways for patients and families to make an impact. We can easily connect you with opportunities that best meet your interests and availability. Whether you live close or hours away, have lots of time or very little time, whether you have lots to say or little to say, there are opportunities for parents to help!

We involve our parents through:

  • Sharing your story
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • The Family Advisory Council
  • E-Advisors
  • Fundraising

…and so much more! We want you to be able to do what you can or what you love to help kids. There’s something for everyone, and we welcome the opportunity to stay connected with you.

We named this connection “Glennon Ambassadors” because through your gratitude and involvement in ANY way, you become an “ambassador” for our hospital. We simply want to let you know that you have a route to stay connected.

Meet the Ambassadors

Click below to meet some of our Glennon Ambassadors and see how they support the kids at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital.

Take our 5 minute survey below!

Our Grateful Patient Coordinator will reach out to you once you submit. The survey helps us to learn more about you so we can get a better idea of how to connect you with opportunities that best meet your interests and availability.

Check out “Ways To Give Back to Cardinal Glennon.” It gives an overview of some popular opportunities. We’re always interested in unique and new offerings, though, which means if it’s not listed in the attachment, that’s ok! We appreciate your time and look forward to connecting with you!