Our Patients:

Liam Gregory

Cardinal Glennon kid, Liam - red background wearing Santa hat and holding a present

Liam Gregory’s journey is a remarkable story of resilience and the power of love and medical care. Born in 2013, Liam faced numerous health challenges, especially in his early years. When he was just 22 months old, he was admitted to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital due to severe coughing and wheezing, which local doctors initially diagnosed as just an upper respiratory infection.

Despite his young age, Liam displayed incredible strength and a zest for life, earning him the nickname “Superman.” His family, including his mom Jessica, dad Laramie, and brothers, rallied around him. Liam’s heart condition required machines to keep him alive, including ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) and a Berlin heart.

The turning point in Liam’s story came on Christmas Day in 2015, when he received a life-saving heart transplant. The news of the transplant came as a precious Christmas gift from the transplant coordinator and marked the beginning of a new chapter for Liam and his family.

Over the course of six months at Cardinal Glennon, the hospital staff became like a second family, celebrating milestones and offering support through this challenging journey. Liam’s resilience and his family’s unwavering love were an inspiration to everyone who crossed their path.

As of October of 2023, Liam has come a long way from those challenging times. He is thriving and preparing to enter middle school in Poplar Bluff. Although he is not into sports, he is a math whiz and a “book kiddo.” His love for numbers and dates is truly remarkable, and he aspires to be the accountant for his grandpa’s trucking company.

Liam has also found a passion for music, with dreams of becoming a country music singer. He adores Morgan Wallen and can memorize song lyrics in no time. He even composed his own version of a song.

Liam’s journey is a testament to his courage and the unwavering support of his family. He continues to visit the cardiologist at Glennon, and his faith and gratitude are evident in his religious practices and his appreciation for the gift of life. Liam’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the miracles that can happen, even on Christmas Day. 

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