Thankful Threads

Welcome to our Thankful Threads T-Shirt page!

We have collected all our Fall submissions from anyone with a personal connection to SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. Voting has closed for the design, but you can stay updated on the contest via Cardinal Glennon’s Facebook page.

Thanks to the help of one of our grateful patient families, The Krafts, the shirt that receives the most votes will be available for purchase at with a portion of the proceeds going back to help Cardinal Glennon kids!


Brylee in front of a brick wall

Brylee Krieg

Brylee is ten years old and in 4th grade. She has two younger brothers, Colton (7 years old) and Beckett (5 years old), and Beckett is a patient in The Costas Center at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon. “Brylee's creativity has always shined through her art and music,” comments Mom, Samantha. “She originally wanted to create a design that would showcase the gold ribbon for Childhood Cancer Awareness month in September, but as she was brainstorming, she decided she wanted to honor all kids of Cardinal Glennon and all causes that the ribbon stands for in all colors,” says Samantha.

Cardinal Glennon kid Beckett with Sister Brylee outside

Brylee and Beckett Krieg

“Brylee chose the word HOPE because Cardinal Glennon gave our family hope during our worst days. Beckett's leukemia diagnosis last year was extremely hard on all of our family, especially his two siblings, but we knew Beckett was in good hands at Cardinal Glennon.

We are all blessed to say that Beckett achieved remission in February 2022. He continues his treatments and is looking forward to ringing the bell in February 2024. We are so proud of Brylee for using her talent and hard work to pay it forward to Cardinal Glennon.”

Design submissions and voting are closed until the next round. Follow @CardinalGlennon on Facebook to stay updated with Thankful Threads.


Lilly - Thankful Threads Design Winner

Lilly - Thankful Threads Design Winner

Lilly was seen shortly after birth in the Dallas Heart Center at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon for a heart murmur. She was diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect (VSD). For the first several years of her life. Lilly routinely visited for evaluation of her heart by Echocardiogram. As she grew older, the defect in her heart began to close on its own and thankfully never required surgery. Lilly leaned on her own experience to help her brother feel comfortable with his hospital visits to the Audiology Department when he was diagnosed with a hearing impairment. Now 12 years old, Lilly is a straight A student, loves to dance, play volleyball, play the flute, swim and run track. She loves babies and children and is considering nursing someday in her future.

Jenny and LIlly - Thankful Threads design winner

Jenny and daughter, Lilly

Lilly's mother, Jenny has worked at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon for 22 years. Jenny began her nursing career at Cardinal Glennon upon from nursing school. She worked on both the Transitional Care Unit and Dialysis Unit. After obtaining her master's degree she became a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and worked in the Adolescent Clinic for four years. She has now has been work in the Cardinal Glennon Emergency Room for 10 years.

Design submissions and voting are closed until the next round. Follow @CardinalGlennon on Facebook to stay updated with Thankful Threads.


Thankful Threads Fall 2021 winning design

Mia Poe - Thankful Threads design artist

Mia - Winning Designer

15-year-old Mia Poe is honored to be a Thankful Threads winner. Her appreciation for Cardinal Glennon began in 2019 when she stepped into Dr. Sivashanmugam Raju’s orthopedic clinic expecting to be assigned physical therapy for a sore knee. Little did she know that she would embark on a 3-year journey with Dr. Raju, Jean, Holly, Samantha and the rest of the orthopedic team. Both of her femurs would need to be rotated. In May of 2019, Mia had her left femur rotated. Mia’s mom, Dawn, states, “It was very painful and she was new to having major surgery. But the staff was unbelievably caring and Mia thought the food in the cafeteria was amazing.” After months of rehab and clearance from Dr. Raju, Mia returned to the pool that summer and competed with one straight leg and one that still needed surgery. Finally, in the summer of 2020, Mia’s right leg was rotated. After numerous appointments, 2 more surgeries and a final release from Dr. Raju, Mia returned to the O’Fallon Seahawks and Highland Splash swim teams and became a lifeguard for the Highland Community Pool - with two straight legs and no hardware.

“Words cannot express the gratitude that Mia and our whole family feel for Cardinal Glennon and Dr. Raju,“ states Dawn. Mia agrees, “Every medal or ribbon that I win, every step I climb at Triad High School, every life that I guard at the pool - all of that is only because of Dr. Raju and his outstanding team of caring people who have always put my best interests and the best interests of many other children before their own." “They were patient when she had a meltdown after her first surgery. They were understanding when she cried each time her second surgery was canceled due to COVID, and they rejoiced with her this past August when the 4th and final surgery was finished,” states Dawn. Furthermore, Dawn admits “Mia still schedules all of her appointments around when she can eat in the cafeteria! She feels like some of the best chefs in the world work there.”

Mia enjoys all forms of art - chalk art, painting, drawing, digital art and sculpting. In her free time, she watches and makes Tik Toks with her dogs, Bunnie and Gideon.


Andrei photo - 2020 Thankful Threads design winner

Andrei - Winning Designer

Our winning design has traveled internationally, all the way from 16 year-old artist, Andrei in the Philippines! Andrei’s connection to SSM Health Cardinal Glennon is his grandmother, our very own Oly Datu, (Surgical Services) who works as a concierge in the Same Day Surgery waiting room. Oly moved from the Philippines to the United States in 2013. Her two children, 9 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren remain in the Philippines.

Oly states that “Cardinal Glennon is the first big job I’ve ever had in my entire life!” “I heard about Cardinal Glennon from a friend of mine at Church after I moved here. She helped me apply for a job in the EVS department, and that was in 2014.”

Oly Datu - Cardinal Glennon employee

Oly - Same Day Surgery Concierge

Oly worked in EVS until her transition to the Surgical Services department 16 months ago. She proudly states that, “Cardinal Glennon is truly my second family, my home away from home.” “I love my job and care for all the people who work with me. Cardinal Glennon helped me with funeral expenses for my granddaughter when she passed away,” Oly says. “I have always wanted a way to say thank you and give back.”

Oly saw the advertisement for the Thankful Threads T-Shirt Design contest one day while she was at work. She thought of her grandson, Andrei, who LOVES to draw, and immediately reached out to him back in the Phillipines. Oly recalled giving Andrei a suitcase full of art supplies several years ago as a gift.

“His birthday is in December and Christmas is in December, said Oly. “I could not give him a better gift than winning at something he loves.” She added, “Plus – this would be a beautiful way to thank Cardinal Glennon for all they have done for me.”

Oly would like to share her thanks and gratitude to everyone who voted for Andrei’s design. “I know that the proceeds will go to the Foundation at Cardinal Glennon. It makes me smile to know that my grandson and I are part of helping others.”