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Sunday, October 10, 2021 | Virtually

Thank you for supporting the 2021 Sun Run! If you didn't get the chance to watch our virtual program the day of the event, you can watch it below.

Check back for information regarding the 2022 Sun Run!

This is why we Sun Run...


Keeva Drye - Cardinal Glennon kid

Keeva is just 6 years old, and had her 25th surgery at Cardinal Glennon recently! Because of YOU, she is thriving and getting the most out of life.

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Kiki - Cardinal Glennon kid

Kiki was our first pediatric bariatric surgery patient. Because of YOU, The Healthy First Program has helped give Kiki the tools for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

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Willa Woodring - Cardinal Glennon kid

Willa was born with a very rare genetic condition and relies on a mechanical ventilator to help her breathe while she sleeps. Because of YOU, Willa is a pesky little sister and will be attending pre-school this Fall!

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Colton Friese - Cardinal Glennon kid

Colton was involved in a devastating car accident. He survived the collision, but the road to recovery would be long and difficult. Because of you, Colton is making great strides in his recovery and his family gives thanks to Cardinal Glennon for their care and support.

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Kirby Frost, Cardinal Glennon patient

Kirby was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at age 26 and had to receive a prompt amputation, followed by chemotherapy. Though Kirby is an adult, his best option was to have treatment at a comprehensive cancer treatment center on a pediatric treatment protocol. Because of your support, we were there when he needed it most.

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Mike Burke, Cardinal Glennon patient

At the age of 1, Mike was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and his family was told he would be fortunate to live until 7. The Cystic Fibrosis team at Cardinal Glennon worked with Mike until age 22. Now age 51, Mike is an executive coach and has achieved many athletic milestones that include multiple marathons, an Ironman triathlon and plans to bike over 5000 miles in 2021.

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Sun Run Resources

Download the tools below to help you have a more successful Sun Run!

Raising $1,000 might seem daunting, but with our step-by-step guide we show you how it can easily be done in a timely manner!

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If you're a Team Captain looking for a solid calendar to help you make the most of your team (and help you reach your fundraising goals), check out this Timeline to help you!


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Looking to send emails using your personal e-mail account? We’re here to help! Our Guide has a few email templates that you can simply copy and paste into your personal email.


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Since everyone's Sun Run can look different this year, we want to know what YOURS is! Download the #ThisIsMySunRun Sign and share with us how you are Sun Run-ing in 2021!

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