Our Patients

Michael Loness

Michael Loness

Shawn and I became a part of the Cardinal Glennon family the day our first child Michael was born. I was on hospital bed rest for 8 weeks prior to his delivery. When he was about 6 hours old, he was transferred to the NICU at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital because he needed… Read more »

Caleigh Rae Jackson

I learned at my 10-week ultrasound that my husband and I would be blessed with having twins. When I returned to the doctor’s office at 29 weeks, I laid on the table to receive a routine ultrasound. The ultrasound tech seemed a bit different and almost eerie in her silence while looking at the screen. She… Read more »

Kevin Lowery

Kevin Lowery in the hospital

The simple act of playing with a ball might not have been possible without the help of a special device that enables Kevin to breathe easier. Called neurally-adjusted ventilator assist, or NAVA, the system has a unique sensing mechanism that detects electrical activity in the diaphragm whenever a patient wants to take a breath and… Read more »

Lily LaMartina

Lily LaMartina - Cardinal Glennon kid

Lily greeted SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Childrens Hospital with a great big smile. She was filled with contagious joy and displayed high energy throughout the visit; coloring passionately, playing with Lego blocks, and walking the halls. Anne, and her husband, Jay, have five other children: Joe is a senior in college; Andrew is a junior… Read more »

D.J. Adams

D.J. in the healing garden at Cardinal Glennon

Third-grader D.J. Adams is great at math. “He has won trophies and certificates in math. I don’t know where he gets that — his parents hate math!” says his mother, Andrea Dodd. But she knows the source of another of his outstanding traits. “He talks A LOT. He picks that up from me because I… Read more »

Aly Bauman

Aly Bauman

I never expected I’d have a child who needed more than me. Of course, no one ever does. My plan was to have baby number four, one we planned to the date, hoping to have a large family to share our love with. I expected the usual routine, bottles, diapers, sleepless nights. God had a… Read more »

Super Thomas and Uncle Joey

"Super Thomas" and Uncle Joey

Two generations face leukemia at The Costas Center Carol Anne Lorenz and her son “Super Thomas”It was, unusually, a gloomy day on 4 North, where doctors and nurses faithfully maintain a cheerful atmosphere for patients undergoing inpatient treatments for cancer and blood diseases. “A nurse said he could feel that something wasn’t right,” says Carol… Read more »

Dru Hemmann

Dru Hemmann

Ace-ing Her Recovery By all accounts, 14-year-old Dru Hemmann is “ace-ing” her recovery. The Perryville, MO teen has made a remarkable comeback following a traumatic injury and has returned to the sport she loves — competitive volleyball. Her family credits her comeback to an indomitable spirit and a fierce drive to succeed. While off-road riding… Read more »

Brock Beins

Brock Beins- Pattonville High Student

It hurt and looked pretty bad after another wrestler fell on Brock Beins at practice, dislocating his elbow. “When you have a child who is injured, it is panic,” says Brock’s mother, Sandra. “Sam, the athletic trainer at Pattonville, told us to contact Katie at Cardinal Glennon SportsCare.” Brock, 17, is a senior at Pattonville… Read more »

Gage Dugan

Seven-year-old Gage Dugan loves to play baseball on the Britton’s Bullpen team from Olney, IL. In December of 2012 Gage was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his shin bone and has been in remission since 2015. However, in 2014 he was diagnosed with cryopyrin-associated autoinflammatory syndrome, also known as CAPS, which makes him very susceptible to… Read more »