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Our Patients


Grant and Sebastian Moss

Grant and Sebastian are identical twin boys, who were born to new parents Amber and John on February 27, 2013. Amber had an uneventful pregnancy, and though the boys arrived early at 34 weeks, they came into the world seemingly healthy. After a couple routine days in the NICU stepdown unit of their local birthing…


Sariah Gettys

On February 14, 2018, Sariah (a 4-year-old aspiring dancer and model) and her mother, Shamika, were involved in a devastating motor vehicle accident. Shamika sustained injuries to her right leg which required multiple surgeries in the months to follow. Sariah ’s injuries were much worse, and almost unfathomable.  She was in pulseless cardiac arrest at…


Noah Townsend

Kristi and Eric Townsend from St. Peters, MO were married in 2018.  Having married later in life, they knew they wanted to start a family right away.  For nearly two years their attempts were unsuccessful, despite rounds of testing and infertility treatments. The couple had almost resolved themselves to believe they would never have children…


Aaryn Wiley

Watching sassy two-year-old Aaryn have a meltdown, or dancing and singing to her favorite cartoons, one would never guess that she had a much more fragile start to life. For Mom Hannah – watching this “normal” child behavior is a gift she wasn’t sure she’d ever get.   Hannah was working in 2017 as a…

Teagan Smith

Teagan Smith

Looking at 7-year-old Teagan Smith today, one would never know what she went through during her first several months of life. “I had a completely normal pregnancy,” states Teagan’s mom, Alex. “I had a total of three ultrasounds and was told everything looked perfect. Oddly though, my whole pregnancy, I just had this crazy feeling…

Cardinal Glennon kid faith posing as our CMN Ambassador

Faith Jethro

During the early stages of pregnancy with Faith, doctors informed her family that she had a one in 17 chance of having Down Syndrome. Her family was devastated, but after much prayer and encouragement from loved ones, they quickly came to terms with this. When Faith was born she didn’t have any characteristics of Down…

Maren Poetteker - Cardinal Glennon kid

Maren Poettker

Three-year-old Maren, from Aviston, IL was a perfectly healthy, energetic two-year-old, up until October 2019. At that time, she became ill with some persistent low-grade fevers, generally low energy, and a complaint of her neck hurting. At first, parents Neely (Mom) and Chris (Dad) suspected a minor viral process, so they electively kept her home…

Jimmy Williams wearing his battery backpack for an LVAD

Jimmy Williams

Eleven year-old Jimmy of Jackson, Missouri is a kind, funny and active young man. An avid and well-decorated golfer, Jimmy was playing in a tournament in early August of last year when we came off the course and got sick. “He recovered and went on to play two more games,” says his mother, Shana. “But…

Cardinal Glennon kid Amjad

Amjad Awawdeli

He may be only 26 inches tall, but his size is easily overshadowed by his strength. Six year-old Amjad is almost a celebrity at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon, having won many hearts since he was born. In 2013, Riki Awawdeli was expecting a baby. Already a mother of three children, she had a history of…

Cardinal Glennon patient, Kagen Hill

Kagen Hill

Hepatitis C is an infection of the liver caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). HCV can lead to liver failure, liver cancer, or chronic liver disease, and is a leading reason for liver transplants in the United States. HCV is more common in adults than in children. Children who have HCV most often acquired…