Our Patients

Michael Loness

Michael Loness

Michael’s Superhero It was early in the morning so few people — or germs — were passing through the hospital’s atrium. Sarah Loness unbuckled Michael from his stroller and placed his feet on the floor. Spotting the water bubble sculpture across the room, he was off in a flash. Less than a month after a… Read more »

Michael Ball

Cardinal Glennon kid Michael Ball

Eighteen years old. Eighteen years at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. Now an adult patient, Michael Ball literally can’t remember a time – when the hospital, its people, or the disease that keeps him here – were not a part of his everyday life. Michael Ball was born March 30, 2000, one month premature…. Read more »

Jack Naunheim

Jack Naunheim - Cardinal Glennon kid

Jack Naunheim was born on New Year’s Day, 2014. His mother, Myrrah, recalls how much she tried to “control” having him born on New Year’s Eve….but despite her efforts…. Jack obviously had other plans. Now at age 4, Jack has shown his family that “life not going as planned” can provide a strength and appreciation… Read more »

Henry Walker

Henry Walker at Cardinal Glennon

Henry’s mother Leticia was at a routine 20-week ultrasound when her obstetrician informed her that she had abnormally low amount of amniotic fluid, and that her growing baby’s kidneys AND bladder were significantly inflamed. She was quickly referred from her hometown doctor’s office in Carbondale, IL to the St. Louis Fetal Care Institute (FCI) at… Read more »

Conner Walkenhorst

Conner Walkenhorst

Jennifer Walkenhorst sat at her 20-week ultrasound, puzzled and confused after witnessing the first technician leave the room after viewing what came up on the screen, followed by the second who took a look, and then a third. She ached to know what had left everyone “quiet” about her baby Conner, but was only given… Read more »

Reagan Hageman

Reagan Hageman

We found out we were pregnant in July of 2016. We had two other sons and eagerly awaited our 20-week ultrasound in October. We hadn’t done a gender reveal with either of our other children and had planned a football-themed reveal for after practice with our eldest son’s team (dad was a coach on the team)…. Read more »

Caleigh Rae Jackson

I learned at my 10-week ultrasound that my husband and I would be blessed with having twins. When I returned to the doctor’s office at 29 weeks, I laid on the table to receive a routine ultrasound. The ultrasound tech seemed a bit different and almost eerie in her silence while looking at the screen. She… Read more »

Kevin Lowery

Kevin Lowery in the hospital

The simple act of playing with a ball might not have been possible without the help of a special device that enables Kevin to breathe easier. Called neurally-adjusted ventilator assist, or NAVA, the system has a unique sensing mechanism that detects electrical activity in the diaphragm whenever a patient wants to take a breath and… Read more »

D.J. Adams

D.J. in the healing garden at Cardinal Glennon

Third-grader D.J. Adams is great at math. “He has won trophies and certificates in math. I don’t know where he gets that — his parents hate math!” says his mother, Andrea Dodd. But she knows the source of another of his outstanding traits. “He talks A LOT. He picks that up from me because I… Read more »

Aly Bauman

Aly Bauman

I never expected I’d have a child who needed more than me. Of course, no one ever does. My plan was to have baby number four, one we planned to the date, hoping to have a large family to share our love with. I expected the usual routine, bottles, diapers, sleepless nights. God had a… Read more »