Our Patients

Kennedy Burger

Kennedy Burger

Kennedy is a sweet, bright and funny 7-year-old girl. In March of 2015, Kennedy was taken to the emergency room with extremely swollen ankles and feet. She was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, where high levels of protein are found in the urine. It is a definite sign that something is wrong with the kidneys. Kennedy… Read more »

Alec Ingram

Cardianl Glennon kid Alec Ingram

“This is something that you never think is going to happen to you. You wish you didn’t have to go through these things, but you do and we have been blessed with all of things that have been given to Alec at Cardinal Glennon,” says Jennifer Ingram of Washington, MO. In May 2015 Alec Ingram,… Read more »

Madison Harbison

Madison Harbison - Cardinal Glennon kid

“Upset tummies are childhood rites of passage. Abdominal pain, constipation, vomiting and diarrhea bring many children to SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital,” says Jeffrey Teckman, MD, director of gastroenterology and hepatology. “Within those common complaints are a hundred possible causes. What we do is be sure it is not something rare or dangerous,” says… Read more »

Elsa Wiemerslage

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Patient Elsa Weimerslage

Last October, Elsa Wiemerslage suddenly became devastatingly nauseous with a fever. Her pediatrician sent her directly to the Dan Dierdorf Emergency and Trauma Center at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon. Christopher Hugge, MD, a Costas Center oncologist, spent the night beside Elsa, initiating treatment in the pediatric intensive care unit as tests were ordered to pinpoint… Read more »

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith with "second mom" Julie Keeley

Ryan, born in Jamaica with complex congenital heart disease, struggled to breathe almost since the day he was born. “I remember when I was 4 or 5 years old that I couldn’t walk from one room to the next. I would have to fall to the floor to catch my breath.” Unknown to his family… Read more »

D.J. Lampert

D.J. Lampert

Although he first appeared quite healthy to his parents when he was born, D.J.’s health started to go awry when he was only a few months old and his skin turned yellow. His parents were soon told that their son was born with a condition called biliary atresia, a rare disorder that left him without… Read more »

Chance Wunderle

Chance Wunderle, again, had been asking for it. “He always wants to play,” says the tickler, Kelly Kiel, R.N., a nurse who has been taking care of Chance through the summer and fall. “He’s everyone’s friend. He hugs everyone. He is in and out of all the other kids’ rooms asking them if they want… Read more »

John Smith

Glennon Sunday | Make miracles possible. - John Smith

After drowning and being declared dead for almost an hour, John Smith came back to life after his mother prayed at his bedside.

Averi Budde

“They kept my daughter alive. I want to give back and help other people have the same kind of care we’ve had,” says Staci Budde. Averi Budde, her 7-year-old daughter, is well known at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. She was born with five heart defects, strabismus and a rare chromosomal deletion, which may… Read more »

Brystol Carter

“It was eye-opening; this was really what her heart looked like,” she said as she recalled holding the model in the palm of her hand at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. “I was in awe that it was even possible to make something like this to see where everything was positioned.” Brystol Carter was… Read more »