Music Therapy

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In addition to world-class medical care, SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital offers numerous support services that enhance the patient experience for children and their families, such as our Music Therapy program. Our full-time board-certified music therapist uses evidence-based interventions to bring the healing power of music to patients of all ages dealing with a variety of medical challenges, including kidney dialysis, bone marrow transplants, eating disorders, traumatic injuries and other complex issues.

Music therapy reduces stress and anxiety, alleviates pain, promotes relaxation and increases self-esteem. The power of music not only helps patients cope with their illness and treatments, but also helps parents connect and communicate with their children in unique ways. Many children come away from their sessions calmer, in better spirits and filled with hope, sometimes for the first time since their diagnosis or injury.

In addition to one-on-one therapy, the therapist conducts group sessions with toddlers in the playroom on their floor. These sessions are a favorite with the staff, as they involve not just the children but their nurses and the playroom volunteers as well.

How Your Support Will Help

Because Music Therapy is not covered by insurance, we rely on the generosity of our sponsors and friends to make this program a reality. By supporting the Music Therapy program, you are helping us make a difference in the lives of children in the following ways:

Staffing Resources. The popularity of our Music Therapy program, in addition to the numerous benefits that it provides, has produced demand that far exceeds what our current staff can handle. Additional staff will allow us to provide Music Therapy to more children throughout the hospital.

Staff Education. Donor support enables our staff to attend annual conferences and other educational opportunities to gain additional certifications, network with other music therapists and stay informed about advances in the field.

Musical Instruments and Equipment. Our therapist takes a fully stocked music cart into patient rooms for therapy, allowing children to choose something that appeals to them. In addition, patients may borrow instruments while they are in the hospital. Donor support allows us to add and replace instruments and other equipment as needed.

Cardinal Glennon music therapist with a patient
Cardinal Glennon music therapists with a patient at an event